Why Audio Advertising?

Discover how radio can be a cost-effective form of advertising. It’s proven to greatly increase ROI as well as build brand familiarity and consumer trust.

Talk to your audience

Find how Adrenalin Advertising can achieve your campaign goals through audio advertising.

Mass Reach

Radio Reaches a huge audience, reaching 95% of Australians within the 5 metro capital cities each week. Radio audiences continue to grow and extend past just terrestrial radio listening, with podcasts and digital audio continuing to expand rapidly.


Deliver your ad with repetition to increase overall Ad recall and to enforce a strong call to action.


Australians spend on average 12 hours and 53 minutes listening to commercial radio each week. They are heavily invested in radio talent and listen in loyally.

Trust & Loyalty

Radio is often associated most with being spontaneous, personal, intimate, and trustworthy. Listeners believe that radio is key in educating and informing them in real time.

Local & Targeted

Radio campaigns can be scheduled to air at specific times of the day, reaching target audiences at a time where the message is most relevant. We can even start to do behavioural and geo targeting through digital audio or dynamic audio, utilising weather patterns e.t.c.


We can launch your radio campaign quickly with short lead times, from the time of booking, radio production and playout.

Path to Purchase

Radio is perfect for delivering your message while consumers are in the car and on the path to purchase. This is key for retail between Wednesday and Sunday where retail shopping habits are heightened.

Consistency & Search

Reach the same listener multiple times throughout the day, on their morning commute to work, through the workday and on their commute back home. It is proven that radio is a key driver of search.

Talk to your audience

Align your brand with premium sporting environments to achieve mass reach with highly engaged audiences. Align your brand with specific and relevant sponsorships or podcasts to help give your brand ownership of the environment and drive frequency.