Advertising on Instagram & Facebook

Facebook (Meta) advertising allows you to reach a wide audience with one of the largest user bases in the World. It allows you to use a large variety of Ad formats, delivering traffic directly to your website. With the introduction of the IOS 14.5 update, we have seen many challenges in achieving the same level of targeting as we once had with Facebook, however there are different strategies that we can apply and remember, that we can still be very targeted with Facebook. Meta still drives strong results for most sectors.

Our Areas
 of Expertise

We are veterans in curating the perfect campaigns that drive real results. All tailored to your target audience.

Broad Targeting Options

The ability to specifically target many different demographics and interest groups relevant to your product/service. With nearly 3 billion users worldwide, we have endless options for targeting.

B2C & B2B Targeting

The flexibility to target both B2C and B2B segments. Meta offers the ability to target segments such as Employer name, job title, employment industry, employer company size and business travellers. We can also create lookalike audiences from an existing database/e-mail list, website visitors or customer base.

Engaging Content

Facebook allows you the ability to use both video and still imagery to show users highly visual, memorable and engaging content.

Social Proof

With Facebook driving a high level of engagement, this drives likes, shares and comments on posted content. This social proof becomes important because it can establish your credibility as an industry expert. It can also encourage people to follow and copy the actions of others.

Audience Control

Facebook’s audience delivery is highly controlled regarding who you target. There are fans, your Facebook followers, Friends of Fans: Users who are friends with your followers, behavioural or interest targeting, who are users who meet the criteria that you select and finally remarketing which is targeting users who have been to your website.

Large Variety of Ad Formats

This variety of formats provides a solution for any applications. There are:

Image Ads

Photos or illustrations that provide a clean and easy format for engaging imagery

Video Ads

Video ads enable you to tell your story with sight, sound, and motion. There are a variety of different lengths and styles.


Stories match how people are already interacting with their phones, so they are optimised for a vertical full screen format that feels natural and enables people to watch videos and photos quickly

Messenger Ads

Messenger ads encourage users to start a conversation with your business. It enables you to contact existing or potential customers and to use automated or interactive features.

Carousel Ads

This is a common format for retail and carousel ads allow you to showcase up to 10 images or videos in a single ad. Each product/image would have its own link enabling users to go straight through to a page to purchase your products.

Slideshow Ads

Slideshow ads are video-like ads that use basic sound, motion, and text to tell your story. They load quickly and are easy to make, allowing you to tell a story that develops over time.

Collection ads

Allows users to learn more about specific products by browsing and then buying what you have to offer. Again, this style of format lends itself to retail advertising.

Playable ads

These ads allow you to play a video preview of your app, before encouraging people to download it.

Need more convincing?

Here are a few more reasons why advertising through Meta is effective.

Drive Traffic

Facebook advertising enables you to effectively drive traffic to your website where you can convert users. Whether this means prompting a purchase, signing up for something or registering your interest.

Competitor targeting

Facebook allows you to target users who have indicated desired brands as their interest. This is based on self-reported data, so will be impacted by any update in the user’s settings.

Psychographic Targeting

Facebook allows you to target by interests, life events, behaviours, and hobbies. This enables us to be a lot more granular with our targeting, as opposed to just straight forward demographic targeting.

Measurable performance

Facebook provides reporting metrics on a wide variety of KPI’s which allows us to track, monitor, optimise and change out creative and copy in a timely fashion.