Expos, Shows And Concerts

As one of Australia’s premier Expo, show and concert agencies, we have been driving foot traffic and ticket sales for many of Australia’s largest consumer and B2B shows for over 14 years. We know exactly what is required to sell tickets and to fill a show, expo or concert.

What are some of the most important factors to consider when advertising for a show, expo or concert?

Dependant on budgets, we need to use a combination of cost effective above the line media to raise awareness of the event and to drive search. This may include a combination of Audio (radio, Podcasts, digital audio), TV, Outdoor advertising and BVOD. Some shows only require a 1+ Reach strategy on radio, however.

We will judge and advise on the best strategy and use of media dependant on budget and campaign objectives. We then use tactical digital marketing for lead generation, to drive registrations or to drive ticket sales. We use a combination of Google and Facebook (Meta) using a variety of Ad formats to do this effectively.

For all shows, expos or concerts, our digital activity generally starts 4-6 weeks ahead of the scheduled event.

We then commence with our traditional advertising mediums 7-10 days ahead of the event.

We can manage the whole process for you, from the point of initiation, to optimising the campaign as we go, to comprehensive post campaign reporting.

See below, some of our past and present clients:

If you have an Expo, Show, concert or event, talk to us today about the best solution for your campaign objectives.

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