Advertising on Google

Google advertising should be your first stop as an advertiser, as it is one of the most important and effective forms of advertising. After all, you cannot afford to not put your product or service in front of someone who is actively searching for it! Google advertising is one of the best forms of lead generation and sales and is key to driving qualified traffic to your website.

Advertising on Google made easy with Adrenalin Advertising

Our Areas
 of Expertise

We specialise in all forms of Google advertising and details and benefits of each can be seen below.

Google Search Ads

These are text ads on Google search results, that lets you target people who are searching for the products or service that you offer. For example, you may type “Advertising agency Melbourne” into Google Search and we could serve you an ad at the top of Google taking you through to this Adrenalin website, with the end goal being to contact us.

Google Display Ads

Google display ads are online graphic ads through banners, text, images, video and audio. The purpose of display ads is to post your advertising on other 3rd party websites. We only ever use brand safe 3rd party sites. Usually display ads are interactive and engaging. Display ads are great to use for remarketing and to generate sales and leads, for awareness and consideration and for reach.

Google Shopping

Google shopping allows you to place specific product shopping ads where shoppers can easily search, compare, and purchase the products that you sell. It is perfect for retail marketing, generating sales or leads and to sell your local shop inventory to nearby people.

Google Remarketing

One of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. Remarketing are ads that you get when you have visited a business’s website but left without making a purchase. We then serve these ads to you using display ads on 3rd party websites that follow you around your web usage for a set period of time.

Google Performance Max

Performance max combines Google’s AI technologies (that knows more information than we do) across all of Google’s advertising inventory to serve the best performing combination of creatives to maximise campaign performance. We simply feed Google all of your assets and let the power of AI and data take over.

Youtube Video Advertising

YouTube is an online video sharing platform where we can use a combination of bumper ads (which cannot be skipped) and longer form pre-roll, in-stream or post roll ads to specifically target your desired demographic. This may include targeting your demographic across mobile, desktop, tablet or TV with YouTube video ads. YouTube ads are perfect for awareness and consideration, sales and leads and for reach.

Google Local Campaigns

Local campaigns can be used to promote locations across search, display, Google Maps and YouTube. You can use it to promote inventory and to bring shoppers into your physical stores, you can advertise in-store events and you can also provide detailed location information to help people find your business address and hours.